Breed Standard


  • Weight: 1,5 tot 5 kg
  • Height: 20 – 28 cm
  • Snout: Medium length
  • Head: Approximately round sometimes with a slight frontal furrow
  • Eyes: Big and almond shaped
  • Tale: Upright and falls on the back in the form of a plume
  • Life expectancy: Average 14 years

Character :

Butterfly dogs have a nice and sweet character. They are very spontaneous and very cheerful and always ready for a game.

  • Butterfly dogs are very docile
  • Easy to train
  • Butterfly dogs are very intelligent and they are listed in the top 10 of most intelligent dogs.
  • They are very focused on the boss and please them very much.
  • They can learn very fast tricks and commands and you will see, they like it.
  • Because the butterfly dog likes to learn and is very intelligent, they are easy to raise. Once they understand what you mean and want, they will rarely disobey.


The butterfly dog is a Belgian-French breed. The buttefly dogs thank there name to the position of there ears. When the ears are straight up, in combination with the snout, you can see the shape of a butterfly. Papillons can have different colors. The rather long coat is generally mostly white with brown or black spots. A combination of the 3 colors is also possible. It is called a tricolor. The rather large ears and long-haired beautiful covered plumed tail are most commonly in the dog and give the dog a butterfly graceful appearance. The Papillon is quite slim, the belly is slightly raised and the legs and back are straight.

The Coat:

The long graceful hairs are very soft. Hair Length: Ranging from approximately 7 to 15 cm. Because the hair is very smooth, there remains little dirty stick and hits it not easily tangled. The coat does not need any intensive care. Brushing the dog once a week is enough.


Papillon dogs are active and have lots of energy. They have a good physical condition and are able to walk quite long. The dogs are good at agility, moving smoothly and very fast. Papillon dogs can be used for different dog sports. Agility, flyball and doggy dancing are activities that they often find very nice. If you're not so active, it is not such a problem for the butterfly dog. Namely the dog adapts easily and is therefore satisfied with the occasional good walk.

Interaction with others:

The papillon is a real petdog and loves attention. This breed is good with children and other animals, and is very social.